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Customers Some testimonials from our customers

Snel Logistics Solutions

Our aim is to guarantee lead times of 6 hours between order and delivery. This is quite an ambitious goal, one that can be achieved only with a modern WMS system.

MIDL Logistics

The transition of multiple systems to NaviTrans has increased the efficiency and quality within the company. In addition, innovative technologies empower high performance for both MIDL employees and customers.


We like that the system is open and allows us to build a communication with our main partners, both customers and vendors. At the same time the system is having strict processes that allow us to optimise our operations and automate some of the steps, making it much easier for our colleagues to work with and to save time.

Suomen Kaukokiito

NaviTrans gives us the information we need to control our business and increase our profit. It has also allowed us to grow. Being able to provide valuable information has attracted several new customers.

Verhelst Logistics

NaviTrans has transformed us into a modern and efficient machine. Today we turn over a million euro more than before we had NaviTrans, without having to hire extra staff.


Some of the most important results of the implementation of NaviTrans are more successful requests for proposals, more effective fleet management and full coordination by teams and departments.


Today, Ekotrax enjoys the benefits of swift order processing and peace of mind knowing that this package will continue to be supported and developed for many years to come by NaviTrans.


NaviTrans ensures Castelein a sound strategy in terms of profitability, growth, environmental awareness and customer service.

Our satisfied customers