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Alders Transport takes over Transport Kruger in Germany

Last October Alders Transport has signed an agreement to acquire all activities of Kruger Transportation from Dortmund.
With this acquisition Alders continues its positive growth margin. "2017 promises to be a good year. It only remains difficult to find drivers," says Roel Smets, CEO of Alders.
Lately we see a lot of consolidations in the sector. Therefore, Alders has made the strategic choice to realize acquisitions itself rather than to be eaten by others.
The knowledge of the German market for transport of steel products, both normal and exceptional and the access to the network of Kruger Transport customers was the driving force behind the acquisition. The financial strength and the experience of Alders Transport with international steel transports offer a significant growth potential for the new entity in Dortmund.
The German market has always been the major geographical region for Alders Transport. An expansion of the activities in this strong steel market is therefore of strategic importance for the further growth of Alders Transport.