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Have a flexible planning tool for the new generation of planners.

Every planner has a system, and they are all different.

The NaviTrans drag & drop plan board easily adapts to your organization and your way of working. You basically choose yourself which information you want to view, how you want to sort and filter the assignments, and how you want your screen to look.

Timelines, color codes and maps support planning professionals to perform their daily routines in the most efficient way. Numerous functions such as Hook on/off, Empty driving, etc. give you full control over the complex reality modern planners are confronted with today.

While you plan trips, NaviTrans calculates time, distance, toll and CO2 emissions automatically, allowing you to view the impact of your choices immediately.

Customers have testified that the NaviTrans Graphical Plan Board has reduced the time to integrate new planners into their organization with as much as 50%.