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Gain insight into your business activities and spot trends.

NaviTrans collects all operational and financial data in one system, in a complete, correct and consistent way. Regardless where you are in the application, you can always access the information that can help you make better long-term (strategic), short-term (tactical), and daily (operational) decisions.
With the integrated business intelligence tools, you gain greater insight into your organization, yielding new opportunities, corrections to existing procedures or processes, competitive advantages, and more, including:
  • Identify trends, both good and bad, early on 
  • Generate ad-hoc financial reports 
  • Compare information about customers, services, prices, and costs over time 

Whether you are looking for a simple report to make decisions on daily operations, or you need a comprehensive analysis of making a strategic move into a new market, NaviTrans offers you direct access to real-time, business-critical information and a wide range of analytical tools to help you manage budgets, create and consolidate reports, and look for trends and relationships.