The NaviTrans Inner Circle: a community for customers, by customers

The NaviTrans Inner Circle: a community for customers, by customers

The NaviTrans Inner Circle provides a platform to Navitrans customers to exchange knowledge on all levels of their business.

The NaviTrans Inner Circle is a community created for our customers, by our customers. 

Our on-line kick-off meeting took place on January 27th and as you can imagine, it was a huge success.

What is the NaviTrans Inner Circle?


Through regular online and real life sessions, Navitrans customers from different branches and different locations in the world have the opportunity to meet, exchange experience and discuss any challenges they face. Essentially, you as our customers can help us to help you.

Apart from the peer-to-peer experience exchange, members can also benefit from early access to the Navitrans product roadmap. Members of the Inner Circle will get information about new developments early on. Through regular feedback sessions, Inner Circle members will will have a chance to vote on the actual developments that are put on the roadmap.

What can be accomplished?


The Inner Circle has the potential to become the most important engine to drive product development to the most customer oriented development department in the business. Our customers can play a more important role than ever before in determining what they can get out of NaviTrans products.


However, the Inner Circle can be more than this. It can become the platform where we invite business experts to enlighten our team on all sorts of subjects that matter to them. Whether it be changes in legislation, technology or customer behaviour, Inner Circle members can decide how and with whom they'd like to fill the agenda.

Connect with the NaviTrans team


Members of the NaviTrans product team will be attending future meetings to get first-hand feedback from customers on the evolving market product requirements and business needs of the Inner Circle. Our team will also inform members of the NaviTrans product roadmap, offering a sneak preview on brand new features. This will give members a chance to discuss any product related issues with our team directly.

In addition to our product team, our sales team will also be on hand, acting as hosts for the accounts they manage. 

See you in May!


Going forward, the Inner Circle will organize five online meetings per year, while two meetings will be conducted in person. Our first in-person meeting is scheduled for May, 2021 at our headquarters in Kortrijk, Belgium. Members will be able to propose new locations for future meetings.  

About NaviTrans


NaviTrans is the most complete out-of-the-box logistics software on the market today, with extensive and easy-to-use functions for road transportationsea and air freight, intermodal transport and public warehousing. It is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and available on-premise or as a hosted solution. Call us today toll-free at +32 56 73 20 10 or email us at and we will be happy to walk you through our full suite of solutions.