Transport De Rese BV is a more efficient operation with Navitrans

Transport De Rese BV er en langt mere effektiv forretning med Navitrans

The Navitrans TMS is developed to help transport managers run their operation as efficiently as possible. Transport De Rese, an international transport company based in Bruges, uses Navitrans to manage all aspects of transportation, from order forms, to invoicing, to CMR.  

Here’s how they’ve used their TMS to enhance operations. 

About Transport De Rese

Transport De Rese specialises in transporting bulk containers, mega trailers and ADR-tank containers across Europe. They’re a company focused on the future, with a highly qualified and motivated team at the helm. Their top priority are their customers, as their client-oriented approach and flexibility is what separates them from competitors.  

In order to meet their customers’ expectations, Transport De Rese aims to be as efficient as possible and ensure every delivery is handled securely and smoothly. 

Where Transport De Rese BV needed help

The team at Navitrans recently sat down with Milan De Rese, Operations Manager at Transport De Rese to see how they’re better serving customers and what features of their transport software they’ve managed to leverage into smoother operations. He revealed that they had been working with ERP systems before, but were lacking in proper transportation management.  

“They were not focused on transport,” says De Rese. “We were looking for a stable, reliable and centralized ERP system.”

The business needed a centralized system to create orders and manage them from start to finish. The key was finding an all-encompassing system where all their management needs could be met. 

Smooth onboarding and training process

Implementing a new system with all these management functions could certainly be a challenge for any business. Another key point for De Rese was that the training process was smooth and that ongoing business didn’t have to be disrupted. 

“After one week, we could work perfectly with Navitrans so the system is very easy to work with.”

How do they use Navitrans?

After receiving orders from their customers, the management team creates their order forms in Navitrans and distributes them to their drivers. Drivers are able to fill in some details and the information is stored in the Navitrans TMS. Everything from follow-ups to invoicing can all be completed within Navitrans, so orders are always managed efficiently. 


One particular benefit that the software brings to De Rese and his team of drivers is the connection between the system and their units. “All details and proof of delivery, CMRs, etc... are all immediately uploaded into the files we create and they’re sent to the drivers. We can almost instantly send our customers a proof of delivery. That saved us so much time.”

Customisation is another big edge

The Navitrans system is easily integrated into De Rese’s operations due to its customisation options. The business can customise all processes for their needs and they receive extra assistance from Navitrans when they have special requests. 

“They really listen to you if you have some needs or questions,” says De Rese. “They are professionals in programming, so they really know how they can help.”

Final thoughts

Navitrans is always committed to better serving customers, which is why new and enhanced features are on the way. In the meantime, we are there to listen to Transport De Rese and all of our customers should any needs arise. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or contact the Navitrans team here.


About Navitrans

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