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Carl Castelein
“NaviTrans ensures Castelein a sound strategy in terms of profitability, growth, environmental awareness and customer service.”
Carl Castelein
The company

Environment-friendly transport

Castelein Transport has been providing transport in the Benelux region, France, Germany and the United Kingdom for three generations. It also operates in Eastern Europe through partner Way2Logistics, based in Slovakia, with 1,200 to 1,500 deliveries every month. Castelein Transport mainly delivers food products, building materials, pallets and bulk goods. Environment-friendly driving is a matter close to Castelein's heart, which is why it's invested in on-board computers that use 30 different parameters to analyse its drivers' driving.

The challenge

Doing away with different applications

Castelein Transport first invested in Transics on-board computers as early as 1993, so it was a logical step to also use Transics software for organising its service. This software no longer lived up to requirements after a few years, however, and Castelein was increasingly having to use other applications to handle the growing complexity. The software integration with the on-board computers wasn't up to scratch either, so in 2005 Castelein decided to replace all the various applications with a single, efficient application - NaviTrans.

The solution

All processes integrated in NaviTrans

Castelein Transport opted to implement the new system in stages. It started by building the database and setting up transport dossiers. Then it integrated the planning, on-board computer connections and accounting in NaviTrans. Every user, whether they're a bookkeeper or a planner, now sees a personalised screen which gives them access to only the information they need.

The result

Staying competitive with accurate customer information

'We have real-time information with NaviTrans, which is a major asset,' starts owner Carl Castelein. 'Margins in the transport sector are getting smaller and smaller, which is why it's so important to know how much we earn from each and every order. The on-board computers in all our trucks record dozens of parameters, and the reports that NaviTrans produces based on these parameters are essential for optimising our business.' Another advantage of NaviTrans is that it enables Castelein to provide its customers with more accurate information. 'Customers want reports about their deliveries and any added costs as quickly as possible. With NaviTrans we can send them this information automatically, so they know precisely when they'll receive their delivery in real time.'