Navitrans Container Planner

Navitrans Container Planner is specifically tailored to the needs of container transporters and allows you to take control over the complete administrative flow of your land-based container operations and - even more important - the revenues and costs related to those operations. 

It is user friendly and easy to implement. Like other Navitrans modules, Container Planner is continuously enhanced through the input of our customers.  This makes it the ideal solution for logistic service providers who want to be ready for tomorrow’s future.

Navitrans Container Planner includes all features that come with Navitrans Transport. It is based on more than 10 years of container transport know-how and adds to Navitrans Transport a number of industry-proven functionalities and best practice processes like:

  • Automatically create bookings from EDI files, XML or CSV formats.
  • Confirm bookings and send track & trace updates to web- or EDI customers.
  • Add instructions on transport orders.
  • Send notifications to drivers, ports, customs authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Book time slots for pick-up and delivery at container terminals. 
  • Pair up to three 20’ containers for transport, in port before pick-up or on the fly.
  • Plan and add generator sets for reefer containers.
  • Follow-up on deadlines for pick-up, delivery and return
  • Optimize the reuse of empty containers based on empty kilometer calculation.
  • Validate conformity to cabotage regulations.
  • Register all empty kilometers.
  • Plan containers on owned wagons or book wagon transports with external train operators.
  • Validate executed transport orders for invoicing.
  • Use customer tailored invoice assembly and batch procedures for comfort and speed.
  • Allocate costs to known 3rd party resources.
  • Create subcontractor settlements or invoices with purchase assembly and batch procedures.
  • Monitor and analyse CO2 emissions.
  • Monitor utilization of vehicles/trailers overtime.
  • Get information from container transport specific financial analysis, profitability and KPIs


“ANCOTRANS is a high performance company. We need to be able to make fast decisions and act swiftly in order to win the orders and satisfy our customers. Therefore, it is paramount that our IT solution gives us access to data without delay, and that it adds transparency and structure to our daily routines.

Today, we have that. Today, we handle 20-30% more transports than we did prior to implementing ContainerPlanner – and we have managed to create those important growth figures with practically the same amount of employees, while, in parallel, we have succeeded in adding two new, international departments”

Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge, CEO at ANCOTRANS

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Navitrans Container Planner