4D Trans wins the "Trends Gazellen Transport & Logistics" award

The "Trends Gazellen Transport & Logistics" annually award the fastest growers in the sector.

During the edition of this year, NaviTrans customer 4D Trans emerged as the fastest growing company in the category of companies with turnover up to 1 million euros (in 2013).

The company has been able to realize this growth thanks to a clear IT vision. Below you can read a summary of an article about the special approach of 4D Trans and its manager Wim Boydens, that previously appeared on Transportmedia.


4D Trans : Trendsetter in post calculation

Free translation from Transportmedia (www.transportmedia.be):

4D Trans is a very young and ambitious transport company, whose IT structure can easily withstand the comparison with large companies. A 'David becomes Goliath' story, as they say. A portrait. (Yannick Haesevoets)

4D Trans from Torhout specializes in conditioned fast transport of food, medicines and ADR. In other words, transport that requires a lot of follow-up. 4D Trans uses a very extensive IT platform for this.

Atypical carrier

This shows a clear vision of the management, under the direction of manager Wim Boydens, that is visible both in hardware and software. This is quite opposite to the common flow in transport companies, where structures usually only follow when the growth was already realized. 4D has started with a solid IT foundation and has only grown later. This approach required large-scale investments without really knowing whether these efforts would pay. But it has given 4D Trans the opportunity to do post calculation, something that in general only is starting to being introduced in transport companies that are a lot bigger.

Efficient routes

How does it work? The clients send their drops through an XML that they extract from their program. This XML is read in NaviTrans which makes separate shipments. These shipments are sent to Smartour and converted into efficient routes. Once the routes have been designed, the end customer will receive an email or sms from Smartour with the expected delivery time. The routes are then re-sent to NaviTrans. This allows the customer to follow in the webportal e-Navitrans when the delivery to the end customer has been executed. The routes are also sent to the right vehicle so that the drivers do not lose any time with setting up their GPS.

Post calculation

And the future? "Next we will be working on reporting and post calculation of all executed and future rides so that we can always charge the correct price for our services", says manager Wim Boydens. "We will also thoroughly evaluate the ICT project itself. The biggest savings will be the time savings and the corresponding savings on personnel costs, "he concludes.

4D Trans in short

Head office: Torhout
Turnover (2016): € 1,521,811.95
Number of drivers: 37 drivers
ICT investments 2017: € 105,726.15
Fleet: 16 trucks, 7 LCVs