Burmester & Stuve Navigation bets on NaviTrans with Arquiconsult

Burmester & Stüve Navegação S.A., a reference company with a long tradition of freight transport, offers tailor-made transport solutions for customers in various segments of the freight industry.

Headquartered in Leça da Palmeira, near the Port of Leixões, it also has presence in several cities of the country allowing it to be closer to its customers and offer greater efficiency in the execution of its operations.

The choice of NaviTrans and Arquiconsult was driven by: 

  • Choice of an international solution with proven experience in various markets.
  • NaviTrans is much more than a certified addon for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is fully integrated with the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • NaviTrans and NAV become a single system, allowing, in addition to controlling the core business processes, to manage the other areas of the company, such as human resources and financial management.
  • Arquiconsult's technical capacity and extensive experience in the transportation sector, with several implementations already made.

All of this is the guarantee that Burmester & Stuve Navigation, S.A. will remain at the lead in logistics.