Despite rapid growth, K.Hansen Transport A/S stands by their core values

Trods kraftig vækst holder K. Hansen Transport A/S fast i deres kerneværdier

In just a few short years, K. Hansen Transport A/S has expanded heavily, welcoming many new colleagues into the fold. However, the owner, based in Vejen, Denmark, continues to adhere to the core values KHT was founded on, which have defined the family business for nearly 125 years.

Data driven decisions

A new IT system has provided K. Hansen Transport A/S with the tools to have an overview of the business from an entirely different perspective. This ultimately results in better service towards their customers.

From gut feelings to straight data, K. Hansen Transport has been on an efficient digitalisation journey since the company replaced their IT system back in 2016. It has really changed the company, according to CEO Jakob Wiborg Hansen.

“From having seven-eight different systems, we now have ONE where we have all our data,” says Hansen. “This means we can document our high delivery quality and that we can offer the customers more information on price and tracing on goods.”

Hansen’s operation now has a far better base to influence decisions. With all the necessary information at their disposal, the company can determine whether expansion makes sense, as well as determining whether it’s more financially viable to use external vehicles, rather than absorbing the cost of owning more of them. For now though, Hansen’s focus is to have vehicles fully loaded, but there is still some progress to be made.

“If we look back at the time where we were a classic family business, we were far more driven by our gut feelings and how we felt it should be,” reflects Hansen. “We could gather statistics, but sometimes the workload was too heavy, and we did not have time to do it effectively. Now the system works on the data and this is what we have been dreaming of.” Hansen expects to have the system implemented in the warehouse as well by the end of the year.

Hansen values the expanded base of information now at his disposal, because when he makes key decisions for his business, he wants to make sure it will be beneficial for his company. He is admittedly someone who needs to be 100% sure of something before making a decision.

“That is how I am. I know that sometimes it can only be 95% - and that’s life. However, it’s important that data is not the only thing running the business. It’s resulted in something that we can navigate from, but at the end of the day, the people have the last word.”


Ultimately, successful business owners like Hansen have tremendous instincts to help drive their key decisions, but they also value the ability to make the most informed decisions possible. With Navitrans’ logistics software, businesses like K. Hansen Transport can use data as a tool to be fully certain that every decision they make is in the company’s best interest, as well as their customers.

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