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NaviTrans Forwarding is a user friendly forwarding management system (FMS software) that automates, structures and optimizes the logistic processes of forwarding companies.

The result? Work faster, more efficiently and focused.

Accelerated global changes, reduced trade activity, increasing complexity.. Trying to move forward in the forwarding industry is a real struggle.

At NaviTrans, we have made it our mission to help you overcome the challenges you face, let you stand out from the competition and become the strongest link in the supply chain.

NaviTrans Forwarding is a software solution, 100% designed for the forwarding industry. It has flexible configuration possibilities in order to easily adapt the different flows that you need to handle for different customers.

Forwarding Management Software

Deliver the quality of service your customer expects

NaviTrans allows you to deliver your customers the speed and flexibility they expect. Whether it concerns ocean freight, air freight, transport by road or by rail, NaviTrans lets you respond to a wide variety of demands from different customers.

The heart of NaviTrans Forwarding is the digital file, in which all information is registered, costs and revenues are calculated and documents are produced. The single entry of data, together with integrated automation tools and procedure checks save time and money and reduce errors, resulting in improved service to your customers.

All emailed or printed documents are automatically stored in the NaviTrans document archive for future reference, together with all relevant documents that were imported and added through easy-to-use drag & drop functionality.

NaviTrans goes further

Where the average Forwarding Management System provides functionalities to move products around the world, NaviTrans also includes a complete accounting solution and with the NaviTrans budget tool you acquire end-to-end visibility on revenue and cost.

With the built-in budget tool you can compare pre-calculated cost with the costs registered for each activity and the cost on purchase invoices. It allows you to easily detect each anomaly and proactively react where necessary.

Communicate easily with all logistic stakeholders

NaviTrans offers a powerful instrument to you as forwarder to communicate with your customers, suppliers, shipping companies and other industry partners.

Seamless integration with sea carrier EDI platforms enable you to send electronic bookings and shipping instructions directly from the NaviTrans file and retrieve container status updates and track & trace information back.

With NaviTrans Word Templates, you produce personalized and fully flexible documents for different purposes. Once finished, documents can be distributed to the relevant stakeholders in a few clicks by using the Microsoft Office tools that you are already familiar with.

Take control and boost productivity

A fully flexible and configurable workflow allows you to predefine all tasks that need to be executed to complete inbound or outbound sea freight, air freight or other forwarding files according to different customers’ procedures.

The workflow gives you a real-time overview of your to do list and steers you through the chaos of activities you need to execute while keeping track of your deadlines and due dates. The distribution of tasks between team members, according to their qualifications and rights, is also the ideal tool to promote collaboration.

NaviTrans Forwarding takes the complexity out of your daily work and boosts productivity to a maximum.

Forwarding Management Software

Always offer the best price

With the extensive pre-calculation module, you can accurately register all internal and external costs and surcharges related to each shipment and calculate the total cost.

From that calculation you can easily calculate the best price for your customers and generate a detailed or all-in quote.

Once approved by your customer, the quote becomes the executable file, giving you end-to-end transparency on the financial impact of your activities from the initial offer to the final invoice.


Forwarding Management Software

A complete accounting & finance solution included

The integrated financial module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV and Navision) offers flexible options and tools to setup a company and its bookings for the chart of accounts, general ledger, VAT declarations, periodic and recurring journals. 

The results are in compliance with local business and legal requirements (online banking, VAT, Intrastat ...).

The integrated collections management helps you track and collect overdue accounts and manage the collection process more effectively to increase your cash flow.

Forwarding Management Software

Gain insight into your business activities and spot trends

Integrated data and powerful analysis and reporting possibilities allow you to spend less time and effort on your administration and  gives you access to the information you need to make better strategic, tactical and operational decisions. You gain greater insight into your organization and identify trends early on. 

In a market where customer demands are always increasing, being able to deliver business critical information will not only improve customer loyalty but may also allow you to attract new opportunities.

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