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NaviTrans has one goal: make logistic service providers excel!

Every day we provide our customers with effective solutions that help them to cut costs, increase profit margins and exceed customers' expectations.

NaviTrans is a very complete software, built for the industry, designed for efficiency. Like other Microsoft products, NaviTrans is user friendly and easy to implement. It helps you overcome the challenges you face, control your business and stand out from the competition.

1 company wide solution,
built for the industry, designed for efficiency

Increase productivity and keep your costs under control

NaviTrans translates the complex reality of transporters, forwarding companies and other logistic service providers into easy-to-control processes. The different modules work independently, but they also seamlessly integrate. A broad range of flexible configuration possibilities easily adapt to your business needs without tailoring.

The abundance of features and functions in NaviTrans enable not only your operational staff but also everyone else in your organization to optimize their daily activities. In an international environment, NaviTrans smoothly integrates local requirements and allows everybody to work in his/her own language and currency within the same central system.

Together, all the efficiencies provided enable you to realize significant growth figures without extra costs.

300 Logistic service providers rely on
NaviTrans to control their business

3 integrated modules: Transport, Forwarding & Warehousing

The NaviTrans product suite offers a solution for every kind of logistics service provider. Using NaviTrans TMS and NaviTrans WMS, companies that provide transport and storage services for third parties (Public Warehousing) can easily automate their business and support operations. The Forwarding functionality provides a solution for companies in the forwarding business or companies that handle more complex logistical operations.

Of course, when it comes to logistics there's no one-size-fits-all system. NaviTrans is a product that like no other takes into account the fact that all logistics providers are different. All the NaviTrans modules are designed to work independently, but they are also seamlessly integrated. As a result, NaviTrans is the ideal solution for multi-functional logistics providers.

More than 7.000 users work with NaviTrans on a daily base

Bring customer satisfaction to a higher level

Growing competition, increasing expectations, decreasing customer loyalty... Making a living in the logistic industry can be a real struggle.

NaviTrans helps you to keep your customers happy. Flawless deliveries, correct invoicing, the ability to share valuable information rapidly and in real-time are only a few of the competitive advantages that allow you not only to increase customer satisfaction but also to attract new business.

Thanks to the integrated automation tools, you can do all this with less effort from you or your staff.

Take control of your company and raise your profit

NaviTrans gives you the business insight to control your company processes and only manage the exceptions. Thanks to the company-wide integration of the software, you can also be sure that all information you get is complete, correct and consistent.

The built-in intelligence and integrated warning systems help you to proactively respond to the rapidly changing realities of the market and take the right decisions to reduce costs and raise your profit margin, anywhere you are, on any device.

Installed in 30 countries worldwide

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