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NaviTrans Transport is a user friendly transport management system (TMS software) that automates, structures and optimizes the logistic processes of transport companies.

The result? Work faster, more efficiently and focused.

Increasing competition, pressure on margins, decreasing customer loyalty... Making a living in the transport industry is a real struggle. At NaviTrans, we have made it our mission to help you overcome the challenges you face, let you stand out from the competition and pave the road to your success.

NaviTrans Transport is a software solution, 100% designed for the transport industry. It has multiple configuration possibilities in order to easily adapt the standard application to the many different niche markets that transport companies are active in.

Transport Management Software

Register transport orders in a flash

Transport orders are quickly registered in NaviTrans, either fully automatic through EDI, by your customer himself via eNaviTrans, or manually using the flexible input screens.

Users that are responsible for manual input save minutes per day by changing the screen setup and align NaviTrans 100% to their specific needs.

Agreed prices and budgeted costs are calculated immediately and displayed on screen so you can immediately see the cost/win-balance of a shipment.

NaviTrans goes further

Where the average Transport Management System provides functionalities from transport order to invoice, NaviTrans also includes a complete accounting solution and rich functionality for commercial people to follow up on contacts and offers.

You can calculate all internal and external costs in every detail and always offer your most competitive prices to your customer. Agreed prices are stored within approved offers or tariff tables and are visible to everyone in your organisation.

Planning tools for a new generation of planners

Every planner has a system, and they are all different.

With a wide variety of planning tools, NaviTrans easily adapts to your organization and your way of planning. You basically choose which information you want to view and how you want it sorted and filtered.

Timelines, colour codes and maps support planning professionals to perform their daily routines in the most efficient way. NaviTrans calculates time, distance, toll and CO2 emissions automatically, allowing you to view the impact of your choices immediately.

Built-in intelligence helps your planners to make the right decisions and reduces the time to integrate new people  with as much as 50%.

You control the action

You can send trip information to drivers or subcontractors through the NaviTrans Driver App.* From their smartphone, they can start and stop tasks, fill out shipment information and report anomalies. They can add pictures and receive signatures on glass.

The NaviTrans Fleet Monitor shows real-time track & trace information, both on map and timeline and  numerous functions like hook on/off, splitting or regrouping give you full control over the complex reality of trips in execution. An integrated alert manager allows you to anticipate to expected delays or other planned and unforeseen events.

(* NaviTrans also connects to most popular onboard computers or mobile applications in the market.)

Transport Management Software

Take the complexity out of your administration

Once trips are executed, all relevant tariffs and price agreements including surcharges and waiting times are automatically applied. CMR's or POD's are assigned to trips or files via the QR code or manually attached through the drag & drop box.

With the flexible invoice layout you can comply with customer demands on how exactly the invoice should look like.

Automatic invoicing procedures in NaviTrans allow you to print or email invoices with only a few mouse clicks, including all relevant transport documents like CMR’s or POD’s. Typically NaviTrans accelerates the process of preparing and invoicing files with several days.

If you work with subcontractors, the required time to check the invoices can be a reduced to an absolute minimum by using the settlement proposal procedure or the NaviTrans Document Management module with OCR recognition.

Transport Management Software

A complete accounting & finance solution included

The integrated financial module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV and Navision) offers flexible options and tools to setup a company and its bookings for the chart of accounts, general ledger, VAT declarations, periodic and recurring journals. 

The results are in compliance with local business and legal requirements (online banking, VAT, Intrastat ...).

Additionally, you can control and manage the life-cycle of your fixed assets to maximise the value of your business investments.

The integrated collections management helps you track and collect overdue accounts and manage the collection process more effectively to increase your cash flow.


Transport Management Software

Gain insight into your business activities and spot trends

Integrated data and powerful analysis and reporting possibilities allow you to spend less time and effort on your administration and  gives you access to the information you need to make better strategic, tactical and operational decisions. 

You gain greater insight into your organisation and identify trends early on. 

In a market where customer demands are always increasing, being able to deliver business critical information will not only improve customer loyalty but may also allow you to attract new opportunities.

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