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NaviTrans Warehousing is a user friendly warehouse management system (WMS) that automates, structures and optimizes the warehouse processes of logistic services providers.

The result? Work faster, more efficiently and focused.

Growing competition, increasing customer expectations, highly fluctuating volumes... Trying to compete in the public warehousing industry is a real struggle. At NaviTrans, we have made it our mission to help you overcome the challenges you face, let you stand out from the competition and build the foundation for your success.

NaviTrans Warehousing is a software solution, 100% designed for logistic service providers that offer public warehousing services. It has flexible configuration possibilities in order to easily adapt the different flows that you need to handle for different customers.

Warehouse Management Software

Deliver the quality of service your customer expects

NaviTrans allows you to deliver your customers the flexibility, speed and transparency they expect. Inbound and outbound orders are registered fast and accurately, either fully automated through EDI, by the customer online or manually by your own staff.

Depending on customer needs, you deliver FIFO, FEFO, LIFO and handle batch or serial numbers. Integrated quality control procedures deliver high-quality treatment of all your customer orders. Warehouse scanners improve productivity and reduce error rates, which highly contributes to overall customer satisfaction.

NaviTrans makes the entire logistic flow and stock situation of your customers transparent, to yourself and to them. Standard Microsoft Office integration allows you to share all required information fast and easy by Word, Excel, PDF or email. 

NaviTrans goes further

Where the average Warehouse Management System provides functionalities to control the flow of goods within your warehouse, NaviTrans also includes a complete accounting solution and ability to adapt to the different customer agreements in a public warehouse.

NaviTrans Warehousing contains a wide variety of tariff calculation methods for both storage and handling. Clear, transparent and corresponding to the different requirements of your different customers. Once configured, all activities and services will automatically be invoiced, correct and complete without any further manual intervention.

Reduce labour costs of the warehouse workforce

The task driven warehouse planning gives you control over all goods flows and warehouse movements. Workload is divided over staff and resources based on priorities and qualifications. Built-in steering tools help you automate a wide variety of warehouse tasks e.g. put-away, picking, replenishment and value-added logistics in the most efficient way.

With the intuitive graphical warehouse interface, employees perform tasks fast and correct, saving you time and money. Execution times are registered and stored for performance monitoring or future reference.

Full inventory visibility and track & trace

With NaviTrans you have an exact stock picture to the smallest detail at every chosen moment. The built-in reporting tools allow you to visualise and distribute stock information in the exact way you want it. Through the use of the web interface, your customers too can track the movements and inventory of their goods.

Cycle counting functionality allows you to count inventory in the most efficient way, and smart alerts allow you to proactively handle all exceptions that may occur.

Accelerated and personalised invoicing procedures

Typically NaviTrans accelerates the process of preparing for invoicing with several days: Invoices for storage, handling and periodical services can be produced in batch and printed or emailed with only a few mouse clicks.

Per customer you can define invoice frequency or grouping and create an invoice layout tailored to each individual customer’s demands.

Warehouse Management Software

A complete accounting and finance solution

The integrated financial module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV and Navision) offers flexible options and tools to setup a company and its bookings for the chart of accounts, general ledger, VAT declarations, periodic and recurring journals. 

Integrated data, intelligent transactions and powerful analysis and reporting possibilities allow you to spend less time and effort on your accountancy and tax administration. 

With collections management you can track and collect overdue accounts and manage the collection process more effectively to increase your cash flow.

Warehouse Management Software

Gain insight into your business activities and spot trends

Integrated data and powerful analysis and reporting possibilities allow you to spend less time and effort on your administration and  gives you access to the information you need to make better strategic, tactical and operational decisions. 

You gain greater insight into your organization and identify trends early on. 

In a market where customer demands are always increasing, being able to deliver business critical information will not only improve customer loyalty but may also allow you to attract new opportunities.

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