Navitrans Driver App

The Navitrans Driver App extends your office to the road. It helps you reduce the amount of paper in your operations, keep control over executed trips and increase customer service levels. 

It is user friendly and easy to implement. Like other Navitrans modules, the Navitrans Driver App is continuously enhanced through the input of our customers.  This makes it the ideal solution for logistic service providers who want to be ready for tomorrow’s future.

Navitrans Driver App

The Navitrans Driver App is tailored to the needs of transport companies who want to exchange information with their own drivers, subcontractors and occasional charters.

With the Navitrans Driver App you can:

  • Receive load- and unload orders
  • Start and stop tasks
  • Register shipment information
  • Report anomalies
  • Add pictures
  • Sign on glass for pick-up or delivery
  • Send and receive chat messages to and from Navitrans

When tasks are being executed, the actual load & unload data is automatically and in realtime returned to the Navitrans back-office. This gives you full control over the trips that are in execution.

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Navitrans Driver APP