Privacy Statement

We consider privacy to be an important right. We therefore believe it is essential that we securely store and properly protect your personal information. We use your information for the purpose of providing you with a better service in a respectful manner.

To us, the right to privacy also means that everyone should have control over their own personal data and, therefore, should be free to decide not to share this information with us (any longer). This Privacy Statement outlines the personal information we collect, how we use it and with whom we might share it. It also lists the measures we have taken to protect your privacy, how you can participate in its protection and what checks are carried out to ensure compliance with our Privacy Statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection, management, use and sharing of your personal data by Navitrans International nv. This Privacy Statement should be read in conjunction with our cookie policy. We can amend our Privacy Statement at any time and will post the latest version on our website This Privacy Statement was reviewed and last updated on 17/5/2018.

Our contact details:

Navitrans International nv
Benelux Park 29
B-8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 73 20 10

When does this Privacy Statement apply?

This Privacy Statement is applicable in the following two cases:

  • When you visit our websites
  • When you contact one of our sales and promotion employees

In either case, you give us permission to collect personal data and to use this data as set out in this Privacy Statement.

What data do we collect?

There are two ways in which we can collect your data. The first method is that you provide us with a number of personal details directly, for example when you fill in forms on our website, enter user details in our contact centre or customer portal, hand over your business card, place orders, or in your e-mail communication with us. The second method for us to obtain this data is through the use of cookies on our websites.

We only collect user information. This allows us to identify you and to contact you. For instance: your name, your address, your telephone numbers, your e-mail addresses, your participation in our promotional offers, your use of our websites. We do not collect or use any sensitive personal data.

Why do we collect this data?

We only process data that is essential for us to reach our goal. This data is only collected in the interest of the professional role that the persons play at the company where they are employed. With your permission, insofar as required, we collect personal data for the following specific purposes:

  • To process your requests regarding our products and services

There is a contact form on our website that can be used to request information about our products and services, where you are asked to fill in personal details such as your address, name, e-mail address and, optionally, your telephone number. The information that you give us is only used to provide you with the requested information. This is also the case for contacts with our sales and promotion staff.

  • To inform you about our products, services and activities.

Your data can be used to inform you about existing and new products, services, special offers, workshops, events, webinars, training programmes, job vacancies and other information, direct marketing campaigns or to set up a profile about you, which helps us to inform you about matters we believe you might be interested in. We can do this by letter, electronically, as well as by telephone. We also use your data for the newsletters you subscribe to. You will only receive communication by e-mail if you have given your explicit consent for us to do so, insofar as required. We can also analyse your online surfing and reading behaviour, as well as create content for our websites or newsletters to match your preferences. We do this by registering your visits, as well as the activities that take place. Examples are viewing specific pages or clicking on links. This also allows us to offer you easier access to the information you are looking for.

Who manages your data?

All personal data is managed by Navitrans International nv. At Navitrans International nv, the data is only available to people who need access to the information to perform their duties.

We call in the assistance of external processors.  This means, among other things, that we may temporarily transfer data to third parties for specific tasks. If we do so, we will always ensure your data is handled confidentially and used in a secure manner. This will always be documented in a contract with the processors. Processors may never use your personal data on their own initiative. Furthermore, processors must delete your data as soon as their task has been completed.

We can transfer your personal data to our legal successors and affiliated companies, such as subsidiaries, for the same purposes as mentioned in our Privacy Statement. For certain aspects of our products and services, we work with third parties or employ the services of subcontractors. Your personal data is only transferred for the same purposes as those of Navitrans International nv itself. We see to it that they, like us, manage your data securely and respectfully.

In some cases, we use anonymous, aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reports. This data can never be traced back to a specific individual.

We will never sell or lease your data to companies or individuals that are not part of our company or our group. We regard your personal data as confidential information.

If we were to supply your personal data to third parties in any other way, this will be done in combination with explicit communication that provides further explanation about the third party, the purposes of the transfer and processing. Where required by law, we will ask for your explicit consent. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data.

How do we protect your data?

We ensure maximum protection of your personal data. Our employees are trained to deal with confidential information correctly and securely. We also employ specialised personnel who are responsible for the security of our IT infrastructure. Moreover, we take all kinds of technical measures to protect your personal data. In the unlikely event that a data leak occurs with adverse consequences for your personal data, you will be personally notified in the circumstances provided for by law.

Our websites may include links to third-party websites of which the user terms and conditions do not fall within the scope of this Privacy Statement. Please carefully read their policy regarding the protection of your personal data.

Would you like to access, rectify or delete your personal data?

You have the right to access your personal data. You can ask us if we process your personal data; for what purposes we process your data; what categories of data we process; what categories of third parties we share your personal data with; what the origin is of the processed data and what logic we use if we were to automatically process specific personal data.

You can exercise your right of access in writing, to the attention of Navitrans International nv, Benelux Park 29, 8500 Kortrijk or by e-mail to We have 30 days to respond to your request. This period starts from the moment we receive your written request and have all the information we need to comply with your request.

To exercise your right of access and to prevent any unauthorised disclosure of your personal data, we may ask you for proof of your identity. In doing so, we will not ask for a copy of your identity card.

You also have the right to have incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or obsolete personal data deleted or changed. For this you can contact us at any time by e-mail or regular mail. We will amend the relevant information within the statutory period. Please note that depending on your request we may no longer able to provide certain services. Also, we cannot always delete all the requested data, for example because of our statutory obligation to retain data for a specific period of time. To ensure your personal data is up to date, we kindly ask you to inform us of every change.

No direct marketing?

You always have the right, without giving any reasons, to object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing. For this you can contact us at any time by e-mail or regular mail.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We ensure that appropriate organisational and technical measures are taken to protect personal data. We are not allowed to store personal data for longer than necessary for the purposes. Therefore, the retention period can differ for each purpose and can sometimes be very short. After the applicable retention periods, personal data is completely anonymised or erased. We process user data up to ten years after the last operational contact between us.


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or if you want to contact us to amend your personal data, we will be happy to assist you. You can reach us by e-mail, regular mail or telephone using the contact details below. You can also use these contact methods to submit any complaints, which we will respond to appropriately as soon as possible. Should you feel that our response is unsatisfactory, you can also contact the government, more specifically the Privacy Commission. You can find the contact details on their website

Our contact details:

Navitrans International nv
Benelux Park 29, B-8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
+32 56 73 20 10