Navitrans sponsors Lutz Tschenze on bicycle tour for pandemic aid

Navitrans sponsors Lutz Tschenze on bicycle tour for pandemic aid

Lutz Tschenze from Akquinet Germany embarks on bicycle tour from Kiel to Lisbon.

Being a software company, Navitrans has been able to navigate through the Covid crisis very well. Not only did we keep our customers and not lose any jobs, we even expanded our business.


But not everyone was so fortunate. This pandemic has caused many personal traumas. People have lost relatives, lost their jobs, suffered from an infection, or struggled with mental health issues. The list goes on and on.


That is why we jumped in as a sponsor without hesitation for our good friend Lutz Tschenze's charitable initiative. Lutz hails from Akquinet Germany, and is undertaking a sponsored bicycle tour from Kiel to Lisbon.


For every kilometre he rides, he receives a small amount with which he will use to support families who have suffered, particularly from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic with a donation of €500 in every country he passes through.


Navitrans was happy to provide an extra contribution by not only hosting Lutz, but in turn also making a donation of €500.


Lutz left Kiel on August 28 and arrived - after a stop in The Netherlands - on Friday morning September 3 at 'Cotton Park' in Kortrijk, where Navitrans has its headquarters.


There he was met by a large congregation of the Navitrans team and local organizations Fibroveerke from Deerlijk and t'Hope from Roeselare.


T'Hope is an organization that is committed to combating poverty with both an adult and a youth group and Fibroveerke is a 'warm' self-help group for people with fibromyalgia from Deerlijk.


Each organization received a check for €500 to further support their cause, after which Lutz quickly departed to continue his journey through France and Spain on his way to his final stop in Lisbon.


We wish Lutz a pleasant bike ride and, above all, much success in carrying the idea of ​​partnership, solidarity and social togetherness throughout Europe.