How do we approach a project?

We Minimize Risk

Navitrans is user friendly and easy to implement. However, every software implementation holds a number of risks.

That is why we aim our implementations at minimising risk and maximizing your return on investment, rather than focusing on a specific methodology.

From experience we have learned that project success always is a result of a strong partnership between our and your project team.

We put in our knowledge and experience

We compose a team of qualified consultants with relevant knowledge for your operations and experienced project managers to guide you through the project. 

Depending on your company size and the complexity of the implementation, you will also need a project manager or team with the knowledge and authority required to take decisions and act as the contact point for our team.

We swear by a systematic approach

Every implementation is unique. We therefore believe that the most effective project methodology should be designed for the project itself, depending on your individual preferences, experience and availability. 

Whatever methodology we use, it is imperative to gain clear insight in your way of working and your specific business processes before we start. 

After that, we can - by mutual agreement - determine the scope of the project according to your needs and budget. 

We create transparency throughout the project

Based on a strong partnership we design a project plan with clear commitments. Together we decide what is the best way to work on the level of communication, training and delivery.

During the entire project we constantly monitor: 

  • Budget
  • Timing
  • Information
  • Risks
  • Quality

This way all parties know at all time exactly where they stand and what is expected from them so surprises can be avoided.

navitrans care for people

We care for your people

The human factor is decisive for a successful implementation project. 

We don't underestimate the impact of the change that an implementation of business software means to the daily activity of people. We are also very much aware that your return on investments greatly depends on the degree of system adoption within your organisation.

We therefore foresee enough time, budget and care to help you manage the change within your company and to train and coach your staff, before as well as after the go-live date.