Take smart decisions

At Navitrans we have one goal:  make logistic service providers excel !

Navitrans is a very complete software, built for the industry, designed for efficiency. It translates the complex reality of logistic service providers into easy-to-control processes. Every day we provide our customers with effective solutions that help them to cut costs, control their activities and make smart decisions.

Navitrans is a very complete software

Make your own reports

Personalised information is presented to staff in all departments through the personalized work environment (Role Centers).

A number of easy-to-use self-service tools help you to create your own KPIs, graphs, Excel or Word reports, without programming or any other intervention from us.

Built-in schedulers allow you to generate reports at your convenience and distribute them among stakeholders, delivering meaningful insight to those who need it. 

Business Central Navitrans

Direct access to business-critical data

Navitrans collects all operational and financial data in one system, in a complete, correct and consistent way. 

Whether you are looking for a simple report to make decisions on daily operations, or you need a comprehensive analysis of making a strategic move into a new market, NaviTrans offers you direct access to real-time, business-critical information. 

A wide range of analytical tools help you manage budgets, create and consolidate reports, and look for trends and relationships.

Navitrans trend spotter

Spot trends early on

With Navitrans, you identify trends early on and gain greater insight into your organization, yielding new opportunities, corrections to existing procedures or competitive advantages.

Built-in warning systems help you to proactively respond to the rapidly changing realities of the market and take the right decisions to reduce costs and raise your profit margin, anywhere you are, on any device. 

Navitrans gives you the business insight to control your company processes and only manage the exceptions.