Navitrans Academy

Poor user adoption is one of the main reasons for software project failure. That’s why at Navitrans we put a lot of attention to change management and focus on how to facilitate your staff in this transition process towards a new daily tool. Training and continuous support is key in making the users feel comfortable with their new solution

At Navitrans we provide the best possible tools to enable fast and effort free adoption providing the users with the type of learning of their liking. We call it The Navitrans Blended Learning approach.

In close consultation with the users we provide the following (combination of) options: 


On-Site training

For all project we plan onsite training. Depending on the project we can provide key-user training and/or end-user training.

Giving training in the customer’s environment guarantees the user they will not be confronted with something new at the moment of go live. One more way of taking stress away.

In-house Training

Should you prefer to have off-site training, at our HQ in Kortrijk we have state of the art training facilities that can sit from 1 to 40. All professional audio-visual material is available to get the most out of these training sessions. 

Hand holding

We understand that despite intensive training the go live date remains a challenge. As to cope with hands-on change management we want to be there for you when it matters.

At your request our consultants can be onsite at go live and guide your staff through the first hours or days of go live. In that way small questions are answered at once and adoption is enhanced.

Online Learning

Our Navitrans Academy Online training gives Navitrans users the possibility to read and learn at their own pace, be it as a new user or as an experienced user looking for a refresh. We constantly build new content with monthly updates.

Knowledge base

Navitrans’ knowledge base consists of hundreds of manuals clearly listed by topic and build according to the how-do-I principle, making them easy and understandable.

These documents can be used when a key users wants to train end-users but they can also serve as a reference to anyone working with Navitrans. 

At Navitrans we understand a logistics software project is not all about IT. It is about the users.

In our continuous effort to help companies do better business we focus on the people making it happen. We are convinced our Blended Learning approach is a plus.