Grow without worries

In order to survive in today’s market, growth is a necessity. But growth usually also brings increased complexity. 

With Navitrans you have a solution that takes that complexity away and makes growing easy in many different ways:

Grow your current business

Navitrans is 100% designed for the logistic industry. Through flexible configuration, Navitrans easily adapts to your business needs without tailoring.

A personalized work environment for people with different responsibilities in your organisation drives productivity and an abundance of features and functions enable everyone in your organization to organize their work in the most efficient way.

When asked, one of the first advantages Navitrans customers mention, is that they have been able to realize significant growth figures without having to hire new staff.

Start up new activities

The Navitrans product suite offers a solution for every logistic service provider.

The standard product contains the functionality to support a wide variety of transport companies, forwarders and 3rd party warehouse operators, all in one integrated system.

When starting up a new activity, you can easily add your new business flows to the existing solution or activate a new module.

As a result, Navitrans is the ideal solution for companies that deliver – or want to deliver – a variety of logistic services to their customers.

Future proof technology to support your growth.

When you want to grow, you need to be sure that the technology that supports your business can cope with your ambition and is ready for the future today. Navitrans is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Business Central is the successor of Dynamics NAV and Navision, and is designed for companies looking for an all-in-one business management solution (ERP) that is easy to use and adapt. With Microsoft’s annual investment of $ 13 billion on R&D, you can rest assured that your IT-system will always be up to date.

With Navitrans you can focus on achieving your business goals without having to worry about IT.

Expand into new markets

When expanding into new markets, integrating the systems of all locations is critical for effectively sharing information, supporting common needs, and successfully functioning as one entity.

Navitrans allows people to work in their own language within the same central system. Out-of-the-box it is available in most European languages, others can be added.

It includes multicurrency capabilities and it adapts to most local legislation requirements and location-specific practices for bookkeeping, reports, and financial statements.

Consolidation functionality allows you to export transactions from subsidiaries and import them into the consolidated company.

Built-in intelligence and alert systems provide insight in all your business activities and help you to proactively respond to rapidly changing realities in the markets you are active in.

When selecting business software, you do not only want to make sure that the solution you have chosen can support your processes today.

You also have to look ahead: You don't want to put your business on-hold because software doesn't support your plans.

With Navitrans, you don't have to worry about software, you can focus on realizing your company's ambitions and grow without limits.