Customer Care

Please click the button below for the online ticketing system

Navitrans Contact Center

Once the project is successfully finished and you have gone live with the software, you will receive a login for the Navitrans Contact Center, from where we will support you in the daily use of Navitrans and answer all your questions related to it.

To guarantee fast responses and correct follow-up, all support requests are registered in our online ticketing system in the Navitrans Contact Center. 

The support desk is located in our offices in Kortrijk and staffed by trained colleagues. They make every effort to solve your issues at the first point of contact. If necessary, they will promptly transfer you to the most suitable specialist.

Navitrans Customer Care Desk

To guarantee fast responses and correct follow-up, please click the link below and register a ticket.

In case of urgent matters, you can call one of the emergency numbers below and ask for:

Level 1 : Customer care manager
Level 2 : Operations manager
Level 3 : Your account manager

FOR DENMARK: +45 7070 1504
FOR ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: +32 56 73 20 14

What about updates ?

Navitrans follows the release schedule of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which means that you can expect a major product update every year with all the technological & functional improvements available at that moment.

In between these major releases, we also regularly release cumulative updates. 

Customers on an active update plan, are at all times entitled to update their system to these new versions.(1) In case you have a more urgent issue to resolve, you can also contact us via the online ticketing system to request a hotfix. 

Navitrans knowledge base

From the Contact Center, customers who are on an active support plan also get access to the Navitrans knowledge base where they will find interesting documents and manuals with regards to the use of Navitrans, but also for example a listing of resolved tickets.

What is the lifecycle of Navitrans?

As a standard, Microsoft provides 5 years mainstream support on each version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or 2 years after the successor product (or version) is released, whichever is the longest. For more information on the Microsoft lifecycle policy, click here

Although we would not recommend it, you can choose to continue to work with a version that is no longer supported by Microsoft. If so, you can rely on us to keep your system going. You have to realize, however, that the cost to maintain your system will increase and upgrading might be the better option. 

Since it Navitrans is likely to supports business critical processes within your company, we strongly recommend to regularly upgrade to the latest version. In the first place to benefit from the latest technological and functional updates but also to guarantee full support on your software, both from Navitrans and Microsoft. 


(1) Activities that need to be performed by us to realize an update to a newer version are not included in the update agreements.