Gert Snel testimonial for Navitrans
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Snel Logistics Solutions

Gert Snel
“Our aim is to guarantee lead times of 6 hours between order and delivery. This is quite an ambitious goal, one that can be achieved only with a modern WMS system.”
Gert Snel
The company

Innovation, sustainability and well-being

Snel Logistic Solutions' success didn't happen by itself. Its growth is the result of a strong commitment to efficiency, innovation, sustainable enterprise and the well-being of its employees. With 140 trucks, 270 employees and a turnover of € 30 m, it's a strategy that works. 

The challenge

Lead times of 6 hours between order and delivery

With an average of 500 journeys every day, three branches, 60,000m2 warehouse surface area and the constant coming and going of pallets, Snel Logistic Solutions has a vast amount of data, which it's crucial to keep a good overview of. This is only possible through technological innovation. Snel Logistic Solutions therefore went in search of a partner who could provide a modern and efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS). This new system had to ensure lead times of 6 hours from order to delivery became the new norm.

The solution

User-friendly, transparent and flexible

The company found NaviTrans Public Warehouse to be an extremely user-friendly WMS system. 'The software's logical structure and easy navigation are designed completely for the user,' says CEO Gert Snel. The new software has given Snel Logistic Solutions a much better overview of its inventory and stock movements. Customers are also kept informed of their orders much faster and more accurately - they now know which pallets have been delivered where within a minute, for example, and changing orders and processing them straight away isn't a problem either. Everything runs automatically, so employees don't waste any time entering data manually, and lead times of 6 hours are the new norm.

The result

Integrated WMS and TMS in every branch

The WMS software has now become fully embedded in the branch in Weert. Up to 1,300 pallets are now being processed every day thanks to the new system. The next step is to integrate the branches in Deinze and Ham as soon as possible. It also wants to integrate the TMS software from Navitrans with the existing WMS software, which will only increase uniformity within the company, in the near future.