Briek Verhelst testimonial for Navitrans
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Verhelst Logistics

Briek Verhelst
“Navitrans has transformed us into a modern and efficient machine. Today we turn over a million euro more than before we had NaviTrans, without having to hire extra staff.”
Briek Verhelst
The company

Bespoke service and transport

Verhelst Logistics transport company has a large fleet of vehicles. It offers an impressive service that helps Dutch-speaking drivers communicate with customers, guaranteeing fast delivery and accurate monitoring. With its 20 tippers, 20 covered trailers, 10 cement tankers, 20 container chassis and 250 flat-bed trailers, Verhelst Logistics can offer every customer a tailored solution to meet their needs.

The challenge

Efficient order processing

Until recently, Verhelst Logistics was using a custom package to process orders and invoices, and the pricing, scheduling and tracking of drivers always had to be entered manually. But because lots of its orders are very similar, Verhelst Logistics wanted a more efficient way of processing them. Comprehensive Transport Management Software provided the answer by unifying and automating these processes, which in turn has simplified things for dispatchers and drivers alike.

The solution

Graphical planning board secret weapon

Navitrans suggested using a graphical planning board to simplify the logistics process. This is fully aligned with the Trimble on-board computers in all Verhelst Logistics' trucks, so dispatchers can drag incoming orders to the planning board straight away, and send them to the on-board computers at the end of the working day with one click of a button. The drivers then see their orders on the on-board computer first thing in the morning, and GPS directs them effortlessly to their next destination. Once the order has been delivered, the driver simply checks it off on the on-board computer. The dispatcher can follow all this in real time and send through any changes if necessary.

The result

Fast, convenient and efficient

Verhelst Logistics is now processing new orders very efficiently thanks to Navitrans. All costs such as diesel surcharges, depreciation, servicing, tyres and waiting times are entered in the system. 'We can calculate the profits per truck very accurately, so we can make good decisions about which types of transport we should focus on going forward,' says CEO Briek Verhelst.