Best-of-breed or ERP: The dilemma

If you are looking for a new software to control your business, one of the dilemma’s you may be faced with is the choice between an ERP or a best-of-breed solution. 

ERP Transport by Navitrans

Stop worrying: Navitrans makes the entire discussion obsolete:

On the one hand it is a company wide solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, that provides features and functions to optimize the daily activities not only for your operational staff, but also for sales, administration and accounting people in your organisation. As such it is a true ERP.

ERP Transport by Navitrans

A huge advantage of our cooperation with Microsoft is that, while Microsoft has been taking care of the platform and technological aspects, we have always been able to concentrate on adding specific business functionality for the industry to the software, something we have been doing with 100% focus since 1999.

As a result, the Navitrans modules contain all the logistic functionality you may expect from a best-of-breed solution, often even more.

Navitrans: The best 'best-of-breed' ERP software in the market today!

Navitrans combines the best of both worlds and contains everything you need from a best-of-breed software within an integrated ERP system: Tons of functionality to make your life easy and all information in one system to help you make smarter decisions.