Meet Navitrans at the FTA conferences in October!

Everything you need to know to operate internationally!

With just over 200 days until Brexit, it is high time to make sure your business is Brexit-proof. Will you need haulage permits? What type of driving licence do your drivers need depending on the countries you operate in? Hauliers will also be responsible for filing entry and exit customs declarations.

Over 300 logistic service providers in more than 30 countries rely on Navitrans to control their business. We feel safe to say that we understand the importance of international business. That's why we are proud to sponsor this interesting initiative from FTA.

We look forward to seeing you in Milton Keynes (1/10), Liverpool (9/10) or Brands Hatch (24/10).

    Agenda highlights:

    • Make your business Brexit-proof
    • Get heads up about upcoming road haulage rules
    • Network with your peers and ask industry and Government experts how to remain compliant when operating abroad

    Your key takeaways:

    • Brexit toolbox for hauliers
    • Trailer registration rules
    • Advice set to stay compliant road haulier abroad in 2019
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    Event Itinerary

    10.30 am – 15.30 pm

    PART 1: Compliance Session 

    • Forthcoming legislative changes for international haulage and state of play of discussions in Brussels, including drivers' hours rules, tachograph rules and operator licensing for vans – Speaker: Sarah Laouadi, FTA
    • A focus on enforcement priorities in Europe including the ban on weekly rest in the vehicle and how it is enforced in various European countries & update on the latest developments on minimum wage rules – Speaker: John Lucy, FTA
    • Trailer registration: a new trailer registration scheme is about to be launched. What trailers will have to be registered? By whom? What will the registration process look like? – Speaker: Ian Gallagher, FTA (Milton Keynes) / Craig Phillips, DVLA (Liverpool) / Ian Gallagher, FTA (Brands Hatch)
    • Situation around Calais and beyond: what can operators do to protect their drivers and lorries against stowaways & update on the revision of the code of practice

    Lunch break 

    Part 2: Brexit: impact on international haulage and how to prepare for it

    • Haulage market: Will you need permits to operate in the EU? What will change for your drivers? How and when can you ensure that your drivers have an international driving permit? – Speaker: Clare Boam(Milton Keynes) / Morag Rethans (Liverpool) / Rupesh Mehta (Brands Hatch), Department for Transport, Road EU Negotiations, Roads EU Exit
    • A focus on hauliers' responsibilities in terms of customs: Attendees will be briefed on their new responsibilities and how to avoid being hold up at the border because of missing documents or mishandled customs formalities
    • Status of EU employees: How to discuss post-Brexit options with EU employees without breaking any HR rules?
    • Wrap-up on Brexit preparedness: What can you do?