Navitrans Academy ensures users reap maximum benefits

Range of training options help academy users master Navitrans software

Navitrans is committed to making sure customers can master their logistics software programs after installing them. Since there is so much Navitrans can do for logistics businesses, it’s important to keep exploring just what can be accomplished. The best way to ensure users are maximising every facet of their software is to access the Navitrans Academy. 

While there are in-house training options available, the online training option allows users to record their sessions and review it afterwards as many times as they like. 

E-learning platform for full convenience


However, where Navitrans’ learning academy really stands out is in its e-learning platform, where customers can access online courses with videos, background information and more. The platform is conveniently split up into short videos and snippets of information.

The best part about splitting lessons up in small snippets is that it allows users to learn for as long, or as little, as they want. There’s a list of courses that users can select and decide which features and procedures they’d like to learn.

The platform includes short videos about setup, workflows and ‘live’ tasks. The academy answers all questions in a simple format, with ample ‘How Do I’ documents included in the courses to answer specific questions very quickly.

Learn at your own pace


While Navitrans Academy is loaded with information about its software and the courses are detailed and thorough, it’s conveniently broken down so that users can learn something every time they log in, even if they only have a few minutes. 

Getting set up


Getting set up is as easy as asking your Navitrans account manager or consultant for login information to our academy, which is built into our website. You can learn more about what training options Navitrans has to offer here.

Final Thought


Navitrans takes pride in being there for clients and showing them just what they can accomplish by using all the tools available to them. More and more customers of ours have signed up to Navitrans Academy, as the constant training keeps operations sharp and ensure they can truly maximise the benefits of the software. Request access to our academy so you can ensure you are taking advantage of everything Navitrans has to offer.

About Navitrans

Navitrans is the most complete out-of-the-box logistics software on the market today, with extensive and easy-to-use functions for road transportation, sea and air freight, intermodal transport and public warehousing. It is developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and available on-premise or as a hosted solution. Call us today toll-free at +32 56 73 20 10 or email us at and we will be happy to walk you through our full suite of solutions.