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Paternoster - Nostrum

Wim Paternoster
“I may not have chosen the solution that seemed the cheapest at the time, but if you look at what new activities I have been able to achieve without incurring additional costs, Navitrans was more than worth making that investment.”
Wim Paternoster
The company

A real family business

To be the one-stop-shop for all your logistics needs. That is what Nostrum and Wim Paternoster have stood for for years. The company, which was established in 1990 in Burcht on the left bank of Antwerp, has built up solid expertise in all aspects of import, export, trans-shipment, storage, container and conventional transport over the years. The company is a genuine family business that listens, thinks and acts in a a service-minded way. A logistics service provider where expertise, respect, responsibility and honesty are not just empty promises.

The challenge

Competing with the big names

In order to compete with major players as a relatively small family business, Wim Paternoster quickly recognised the importance of good technological support. He therefore almost immediately installed a number of software solutions to support his activities. “When we started to grow, it soon became clear that there was a need for more coherence between the systems, especially to have unambiguous data and to avoid duplicating work,” says Wim Paternoster. “We therefore looked for a system that enabled us both to manage our transport and logistics activities and also to accommodate our accounts. So we naturally came to Navitrans, pretty much the only system on the market where all our activities were supported.”  

The solution

A detailed plan

“Our meetings with NaviTrans took place in an open atmosphere. All the details were thoroughly examined before the contract was signed. So we knew what we were getting into. Because we were so well prepared, the implementation went very smoothly. We had set ourselves a certain budget, and we actually stayed well below that. In consultation, we decided to immediately use part of the budget for additional training of our people, which turned out to be of enormous added value. Not only did the change within our company go very smoothly, we also learned how to get as much out of our investment as possible and earn it back relatively quickly.”

The result

Easily absorbing growth

We have developed several new activities since the implementation of Navitrans, and to date we have been able to accommodate these without any problems in the system. As a result, we always retain control over what we do, both operationally and financially. In addition, thanks to our speed of communication and the professional appeal of documents in Navitrans, we have been able to convince different various customers to take their chance with us.