Document Management for transport and logistics

Navitrans Document Management takes the work out of your paperwork !

Navitrans Document Management is specifically tailored to import, recognize, register, approve and archive transport documents and purchase invoices. It allows you to take control over your document flow, reduce paperwork and manual search jobs. 

It is user friendly and easy to implement. Like other Navitrans modules, the Navitrans Document Management is continuously enhanced through the input of our customers. This makes it the ideal solution for logistic service providers who want to be ready for tomorrow’s future.

Navitrans Document Management

Navitrans Document Management is the only solution on the market to offer:


  • Creation of QR-coded transport documents

  • Automatic registration of documents

  • OCR data extraction

  • An advanced approval workflow

  • A full-text searchable digital archive

Navitrans Document Management


With Navitrans Transport Document Management you can:

  • Print CMR’s, delivery notes or bills of lading and put QR codes on them.
  • Scan the signed documents and automatically link them to your files.
  • Link other incoming documents to the relevant trips and files with easy-to-use drag & drop functionality.
Navitrans Purchase Invoice Management

With Navitrans Purchase Invoice Management you can:

  • Automate the posting of purchase invoices. 
  • Fill out fields automatically by use of OCR recognition.
  • Match imported invoices with budgeted cost lines.
  • Match imported invoices with settlement proposals.
  • Set Up a workflow for approving matched invoices.
  • Approve invoices from a distance on any device.
Navitrans Document Management

Navitrans Document Management is based on Continia Document Capture, the most comprehensive solution for scanning of invoices and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With the addition of the Transport Document Management module and the functions to match invoices with budgeted transport costs, it has become a fully integrated part of the Navitrans logistic suite


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Navitrans Document Management