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K. Hansen Transport AS

Jakob Wiborg Hansen
"NAVITRANS has not only delivered the best of the best. NAVITRANS has delivered the dream. It’s a platform that truly delivers – and not just on paper, but also in real life. From task-driven warehouse planning and management to logistics and transport planning + financial management, payroll and invoicing of all clients and trips. All in one complete, integrated solution, where our entire core business is fully merged, and all data is presented in one complete overview. And although it may be difficult to measure exactly what the system has saved us in euros and cents, it has generated noticeable value in terms of automation and process optimization. With NAVITRANS, we’ve developed new customer profiles. We work more, faster and smarter – and consistently without adding more people to our headcount. Additionally, we have a totally different foundation of data to base our decisions on, meaning that today we no longer plan and control on gut feelings, but base our decision-making solely on facts, market insight and business intel”
Jakob Wiborg Hansen
The company

Transport with traditions – from horsepower to state-of-the-art trucks

With more than 125 years of existence, K. HANSEN TRANSPORT AS is a family-run business with profound traditions of immense care and commitment to its customers, and with an overall reputation of treating customers’ goods as if it were the company’s own. A deal is a deal, and a delivery time agreed upon is something you set your clock by.

With its current 4th generation at the helm, K. HANSEN TRANSPORT has achieved explosive growth rates in recent years, and today – especially after having implemented the NAVITRANS fully integrated and automated all-in-one transport and logistics solution – the company and its 215+ employees are as agile and geared for the future as ever before.

The challenge

Heavy, manual processes and lack of strategic overview

A lot has happened to all of us in general as well as to the trucks, since K. HANSEN TRANSPORT was founded back in 1896. At that time, horsepower was few and four-legged – and very far from the 85+ company-owned, state-of-the-art trucks that today – every day and every night, 24/7/365 – roam the Danish streets and highways, where 98% of all the company business is based. From those streets and highways, the trucks return to the 7,000 m2 company terminal, where goods from customers from all over the world are managed and stored in the 45,900 m2 company warehouse.

“Since the financial crisis in 2010, we’ve managed to grow an average of 8% per year, so without mincing words, I guess you can say that we’ve been busy. And when taking into account that until 2016, we operated in seven different IT systems where nothing was integrated, but all routines and trip calculations were handled manually, and papers were hand-carried around the organization, I think it’s safe to say that we haven’t just been busy. We’ve been very busy”.

"Consequently, we were faced with the strategic decision of changing IT platform. In that connection, we opted to visit one of Denmark’s largest transport and logistics companies – a visit that became crucial to our choice of NAVITRANS. Through the visit, we were able to not only reflect on, but also mirror ourselves in their processes and overall system choices – while, at the same time, gaining insight into features we’d only dared to dream of. Thus, it quickly became a natural and logical conclusion for us to also choose NAVITRANS, which we’ve subsequently implemented in modules. Today, we have a close to a wall-to-wall solution, and we’re starting to reap both tangible and significant benefits”.

The solution

Insight, transparency and scalability

”Since 2018, the platform has worked very well, indeed. We’ve trimmed our business and geared it for further growth as well as for the future and, today, the solution fits us like a glove. Overall, NAVITRANS ensures that we have all financing and account management, transport planning and management + warehouse and forwarding management in one single, integrated solution.

Thus, the data of our entire core business is processed in one place and presented in one overview. Practically all of our processes are standardized and automated. Before, it was difficult to get a total overview of the business, because almost all routines were manual.

Today, we simply draw data and base our decisions on facts. Fully automatically and systematically. With NAVITRANS, we’ve gained more than a business overview. We’ve gained business insight”.

The result

Automated processes and more mobile employees

”We’ve always taken the special wishes, needs and requirements of our customers very seriously. And we’ve always taken on the task of both finding and delivering exactly the solution they may not even have been aware that they could actually get. That has become easier with NAVITRANS. And that’s because today we have a platform that not only embraces and keeps track of our entire business, but also because it’s a platform that simultaneously supports the growth ambitions we have for the future. NAVITRANS is a rock-solid and powerful engine we can grow with – even when we become twice as big. It's a system that we can get reliable and consistent information from at any time, and which has standardized and automated our processes to a degree that makes us far less vulnerable in the future. Both my employees and I believe that we can develop our business infinitely with NAVITRANS in the years to come”, states Jakob Wiborg Hansen, K. HANSEN TRANSPORT AS.

"You can sell a lot of hot air before the deal closes and the implementation process begins. However, NAVITRANS delivered on their promises from day one. It’s simply a great product. It’s a solution and platform that works. And it’s a company with key people, competences and resources that all have the right skills – both when it comes to their knowledge of IT, the transport industry and us as a customer. In addition, the offices in Denmark have been an important link to a very skillful and comprehensive pool of additional resources from the NAVITRANS organization who have all assisted in the optimization and automation process. In conclusion: The entire NAVITRANS team possesses great know-how, and the platform presents a remarkable scalability. Those two things combined means that we see NAVITRANS play a big role for K. HANSEN TRANSPORT in the future, when we want to go even further, make our employees even more mobile and bring real-time data all the way out to our users”.