Ekotrax, Koen Dierckx testimonial for Navitrans
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Koen Dierckx
“Today, Ekotrax enjoys the benefits of swift order processing and peace of mind knowing that this package will continue to be supported and developed for many years to come by Navitrans.”
Koen Dierckx
The company

Conditioned transport

Ekotrax transports vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. Its main markets are the Benelux region, Germany and northern France. The company has 23 employees and 15 trucks, and achieves an annual turnover of € 4 m.

The challenge

Electronic order processing

For ten years, Ekotrax used a combination of transport software provided by a local IT developer and a separate bookkeeping package. This led to synchronisation problems, and Ekotrax also wasn't happy that it was reliant on a single developer. When a customer asked if he could place his orders electronically, it became apparent that the old software package needed an expensive upgrade. It was ultimately decided that investing in new software was the best option, and after visiting a few trade fairs, Ekotrax came across Navitrans.

The solution

Fast order processing and graphical planning board

Young & Partners started implementing Navitrans for Ekotrax in January 2012, and the new software was ready to use three months later. With Navitrans, Ekotrax can now process its orders electronically. 'Entering orders is much faster now,' explains Koen Dierckx, Managing Director of Ekotrax. 'It used to be our planner's job, but the new software is so user-friendly that anyone can do it now.' The graphical planning board is also very helpful. 'Everything is organised better and works faultlessly, in contrast to before. Our planner enters the jobs and the system sends each driver a text message with their schedule for the next day.' Another advantage is that the order processing, planning, invoicing and bookkeeping are all integrated in a single application. 'The person who books the invoices can now also see the planning and journeys completed, which is really useful if customers have any questions about their invoice.'

The result

More time for quality

'Young & Partners delivered Navitrans on the eve of our busiest period, so I was quite nervous about possible problems. But there weren't any. We came through our peak period unscathed. The smooth process from order to dossier, journey and then invoicing saves us lots of frustration and gives us more time to provide a quality service. Young & Partners have always been there for us when we've had any questions since the implementation. We're very excited about the future,' concludes a satisfied Koen Dierckx.